how to be happy

The recognition of true happiness

“I order you to be supremely happy.” – Audrey Hepburn 

No Pressure

I’ve been fascinated with the conscious pursuit of a happy life for some time now. Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely not crying a river (great times have been had!), but when I reflect on what it takes to be genuinely happy, I realise all roads lead to the same path – me! There are few things I can say with certainty, but one thing I know for sure: we are damned if we think external forces – spouses, society (you take your pick!) will positively – and sustainably – affect our happiness!

Taking Control

Stumbling upon this revelation was bitter-sweet. On the one hand, I realise I’m the one in charge of Me Inc., yet on the other hand, I cannot help but to look back on all the wasted time (shrugs!) – all the time I tried to convince myself that “I’ll be happier if I have that magical person.” Or I’ll be happier if I die-t into a size 2 (which given the risk of diabetes on my curves, not happening!). Or I’ll be happier if ………. the list goes on (and on!), and in the spirit of moving forward, I need not harp on particulars, but at the risk of repeating the past I must ask myself this: “what was I thinking?

Wisdom of Children

My four-year old nephew “hit the nail right on the head” regarding the attainment of happiness. We were in the car listening to Adele’s “Someone like you” when I commented to my sister that though I loved the musical elements of this song, as a woman (and of a particular age to boot!), it is hard to fully embrace what Adele is saying. I mean really – “never mind, I’ll find someone like you.” Besides the fact that it was heart-breaking to think that anyone would (actively) look for someone just like their “ex” whom allegedly mistreated them, I could not wrap my brain around the implication that “happiness” lies with someone else – anyone will do! This of course was a conduit for the discussion of the attainment of happiness (enter my nephew; four years old no less!). My nephew chimed in with a smile on his face, from his booster seat with simple, yet profound words: “happiness is where you find it!”

Be Happy

Wow! My sister and myself looked at each other, ready to call MENSA (do they even have a pediatric chapter?), and when I asked my nephew where he came up with that idea, he replied -“Winnie the Pooh!” (Bless him!) But there you have it – from the wise words of a four-year old (courtesy of Winnie the Pooh) – “happiness is where you find it.” I challenge each and every one out there, who have been looking for happiness (perhaps in all the wrong places?) to find it within self – first and foremost! Smile (as only you can!) the next time you take a walk in the park; the next time you listen to birds chirp; the next time you are with self, meditating in solace; the next time……….. Better yet, why wait for the next time, why not smile now? If you want to be happy – be happy!

What makes you happy? Do you think happiness is feasible without others and/or materialistic stuff? Drop a line (or two) sharing your take on happiness.



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