natural guar gum hair gel

Natural Guar Gum Hair Gel

Please note this natural guar gum hair gel recipe has been recently updated.

I tried guar gum hair gel when I first went natural, and though I loved the slip guar gum provided the hair when wet, when my hair dried, I was left with flakes from root to tip. After much trial and error, I worked out a formulation that provides my hair with ample slip when wet, yet free of flakes when dry (yay!). Again, like with any recipe, feel free to adapt according to your specific hair.

  • Labelled: Vegan
  • Used on Hair Type: 3c (back); 4a (sides); 4b (crown)
  • Used on Hair Strand Thickness: Fine


  • 1/2 tsp (leveled) guar gum powder – Great for: firmness, emulsification and slip (lubrication)
  •  1 cup warm water (distilled) – Great for: moisture
  • 1/4 cup natural aloe vera juice/gel – Great for: pH balance, moisture, shine and slip
  • 3 capsules of fish oil/krill oil mixture (given smell, may wish to substitute for organic hemp seed oil) – Great for: shine, softness
  • 3 drops peppermint essential Oil (or essential oil of choice) – Great for: blood circulation, hair loss, pH balance
  • 4 naturally sourced vitamin E capsules (400IU/capsule) – Great for: natural antioxidant, shine
  • 1/2 tsp ascorbic acid (naturally sourced, non-GMO) – Great for: natural preservative

You will also need:

  • measuring cup/spoons
  • bowl
  • strainer (small mesh)
  • storage container (i.e. glass mason jar) for finished gel


  1. Pour 1 cup of warm water into bowl.
  2. Slowly sift a thin layer of guar gum onto the top surface area of the warm water. Once the surface area is mainly covered with guar gum, rigorously mix and dissolve the powder into the water. Once the guar gum is  evenly mixed, add another thin layer of guar gum, rigorously mixing and dissolving the powder until no lumps.
  3. Continue mixing in thin layers of guar gum into the thickening mixture until guar gum is done.
  4. Continue to rigorously mix the contents of bowl.
  5. Place strainer over the storage container and pour contents of bowl through the strainer, making sure to trap any lumps in the strainer. (Once strained, gel should be free of obvious lumps).
  6. Pour 1/4 cup aloe vera juice/gel into the strained gel mixture. Stir well.
  7. Add ascorbic acid to the gel mixture.
  8. In the storage container, combine all the oil-based ingredients [i.e. essential oils, fish/krill oil capsules, vitamin E capsules, and hemp seed oil (optional)], making sure to gently cut/pierce open the fish/krill oil and vitamin E capsules into the container.
  9. Pour the water-based ingredients into the storage container that contains the oil-based ingredients. Thoroughly stir the contents – oil-based and water-based –  and refrigerate before using.

Note when making guar gum hair gel:

  • Water should be warm (not hot); the temperature of water should be easily tolerated to drink.
  • Fish/krill oil capsules naturally have an orange/crimson red colour and as the name implies, a fishy ordour (hence, the option of adding hemp seed oil!)
  • When applying guar gum, less is more. Depending on your hair, as little as 1 tsp. could suffice.  Make sure the gel is thoroughly mixed into the hair – with no gel/liquid drops visible when wet. (Unlike other products that will dry with no visible residue, any visible excess gel or liquid droplets will leave visible residue when hair is dried).

Comment and share below on your experience with using guar gum hair gel.


6 thoughts on “Natural Guar Gum Hair Gel

  1. OMG I have been looking for a way to use up my pooooouuund of guar gum and a simple diy gel. this article is a lifesaver. super excited making this tomorrow! and i will be back to let ya know how it goes!!

    • Hi Jameelah,

      Thanks so much for stopping by; looking forward to hearing how it goes with the guar gum gel. Remember less is more and make sure to work the gel in evenly (as you will see, guar gum can be very deceiving on wet hair. Gives great slip, but if hair is not well moisturised and if too much used, gel can dry with flakes). For extra measure, I often blend a bit of jojoba oil to gel to avoid flakes.

      Keep well,

      • Hi Candace =) Thank you for this plethora of information, I love researching anything relevant to natural products,hair & life lol. I thought I’ve tried it all these past four years, thankfully learning never stops. I made the guar gum gel today it was such a breeze and perfect. I had made 1/2 water room temp, 1/4 tsp grapeseed oil, a drop of rosemary and 1/8 tsp guar gum which i added in last and shook it up in a squirt top container. no guar bits and the end result was a runny conditioner which is what I wanted because I am in the process of dreading my hair so runnier is better for me ^^ I used it right after rinsing in the shower to seal in the moisture and finally something simple and not oily that does the job perfectly that slip is amaaaaazing <3 which tempts me to add more guar but I will take your advice on erring on the lesser side with guar gum thankyou!

        • Hi Jameelah,

          Glad that you were able to customise the guar gum gel recipe to your needs. (I especially like the idea of not having to strain at all; must try this next time!) Also another reminder, though guar gum is natural, given its fibrous make-up, the powder can build-up on the hair. A great remedy for combating this (build-up) is to wash with raw African Black Soap (best sources from Ghana) or try another non-sulfate cleanser such as Dr. Bronners.

          Keep well,
          Candace 🙂

  2. How do you incorporate the capsules? Do you break them open and then add the content to the mix? I’ve never thought about using capsules definitely would not mind trying it!

    • Hi there Genuine!

      Yes, that is exactly what I do.Gently pierce/cut open capsules and add directly as per recipe. (Please note I have revised the recipe to increase preservation of gel). Please let me know how the recipe works for you.

      Keep well,
      Candace 🙂

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