dealing with adversity

Dealing with Adversity

“No man can serve two masters.” – Matthew 6:24


Recently I spoke with my brother from another mother, who has been consumed with anxiety and worry, while going through a challenging time in his life: a court battle with his ex (yikes!). For those who have had the experience of dealing with the court system (be it civil or otherwise), I need not have to tell you how demoralising and crippling that can be. If there is ever a time to be rendered a victim – to be pushed to the limit – it is during the time of court proceedings. No matter what walk of life, however big your ego may be, whatever you think you know ; court proceedings quickly puts one in line in no time at all (don’t agree? just ask Oprah Winfrey!) Having gone through my own growing pains, with uncertainty and anxiety to boot, I had the benefit (who knew!) of empathizing with my brother. Before I knew it, with the intention of providing some peace-of-mind, I found myself reciting to him one of the wisest words in the scripture – “no man can serve two masters.”


Speaking from my own experience of dealing with the court system (and other challenges that in retrospect have served me well), I tried to provide some sort of realistic (why lie, eh?) yet comforting thoughts for him to ponder – anything for my dear friend to hold onto! Without getting into details (it is court by the way!), he would vent about his ex’s blatant lies; I’d tell him “don’t worry, the truth will come out.” He’d worry about how well his ex presents in court; I’d tell him “well so do you.” He’d worry about the emotional strain that was all-too-consuming; I’d tell him “you damn straight it is – start yoga!” He’d worry about some other uncontrollable factor (you take your pick!), and after some more back-and-forth and finally pushing me to my point of satiation, I told him straight up – “start praying!”


Simply put, we’re all going to go through challenges in life (bless the soul who has yet to appreciate this!) As humans – we’ll be dejected, we’ll be rejected, and we’ll be broken – all to the point of utter submission. That’s life! (Not our life story – the beginning, the middle and the end – but life nevertheless!) It is during these testing times – after arriving at a cross-road, in order to regain some sort of needed balance and peace-of-mind, we must pick a side. We must decide once and for all – after doing all that can be done as individuals – to whom we are at the mercy of? Will it be man – be it the behaviour of an ex-spouse, or friend/foe or judge – external forces we have no control of? Or will it be a belief in a greater force – that of the Omnipresent; an internal force –faith – that we can control and also feel comfort in? Pick a side…..pick a side…….

Everything has a season

If you’re going through a difficult situation, where you are spent – mentally, emotionally, physically – to the point of an utter daze, I’ll say this – hang on, it gets better (you’d be surprised how strong and at peace one is after adversity!) Pick a faith, any (positive) faith, and believe that in time, and enough prayer (and perhaps needed therapy to boot!), this too shall pass. Hang on – even if it’s by your toenails! – hang on nevertheless! No matter how tempting it is to think otherwise, always remember – “no man can serve two masters.” In the midst of dealing with life’s challenges, be wise to whom you choose to serve!


How have you found peace with the adversity in your life? Please leave a comment and share.



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